D-Day Beaches and Bayeux

One Day Visit

Experience a private guided tour in Arromanches, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetary and Utah Beach.


Morning :  Bayeux, visit the cathedral and the Tapestry.

Depending on the weather, an optional lunch  with specialties can  be provided for you on a great panoramic site viewing the four  D-Day beaches.


Afternoon : Omaha Beach, American Cemetary Longues Beach Batterry, Arromanches.

Return at around 6 PM.

One day  guided tour from 2 to 8 people including  transfers on and back from  Caen, Le Havre, Honfleur, Deauville, Lisieux, Bernay, Rouen and Bayeux.

-Price upon Request- 

-Mt St Michel-

Private Tour of the Mt St Michel-


Morning : Pick-Up at your Hotel in Normandy  or in Paris


Visit on the way of  Villedieu les Poeles famous for being  the capital of bell and  copper plates  making.


Lunch at the World Famous  Mère Poulard  for a wonderful omelette with lamb  from the pastures around the Marvel.


Afternoon  Visit the Abbey and the explore the secrets of the Mt St Michel with your private guide.


Visit the Avranches Museum where lies Auberts's skull which was touched three times by Archangel Michel in 708 AD.


Return at around 7 PM


One Day Visit from two to eight  people including transfer from Caen, Le Havre, Honfleur, Lisieux, Rouen, Bernay, Bayeux or Paris.


-Price Upon Request -





-Claude Monet house and Gardens-


I will meet you at 8-9AM at your ship, hotel with some coffe and fresh croissants to start your day.


At 9. 30 AM we will be in Giverny, to see the house of Claude Monet.


You will have plenty of time to see, smell and walk around the gardens, the house, while I will tell you about his life, his large family and extraordinary work.


Claude Monet everlasting piece of art is truly this fantastic garden which is best seen in Spring or early summer, as early as possible in the morning.


Then, we will have a lovely lunch at the Baudy Restaurant,

Claude Monet , and friends favorite place for painting close to Paris but already far enough, way before Monet could afford to buy the house.


At 2PM we'll head to Chateau Gaillard, the most magnificent castle of Normandy.


This "Krak" - a crusader's castle - stood in 1198CE to protect Normandy from the King of France, Phillip, to take over Normandy from Richard Lion Heart.


At 4PM we will visit an apple brandy distillery in Pont Audemer.


Back at your ship, hotel by 6PM



-Price upon Request-



Normandy's historical figures : Rollo, the Viking who became Duke and William, "The Conqueror".

One Day visit

Morning  with Rollo :

The Cathedral, the Old Town, the Market Square  the Street of the Gros Horloge, the St Maclou Chapel.

Lunch in Rouen  by the Cathedral in a real Brasserie.


Afternoon with William :

Caen- The Medieval Castle

The Cathedral, The Abbaye aux Hommes, The Abbaye aux Dames

Bayeux. The Tapestry and the old town.

The Cathedral. The Tree of Liberty

Falaise Castle, the last home of William the Conqueror.


Return at around 7  PM.


One day  guided tour from 2 to 8 people including  transfers on and back from  Caen, Le Havre, Honfleur, Deauville, Lisieux, Bernay, Rouen and Bayeux.


-Price upon request -





Apple and Cheese Foodie Tour of Normandy

 Morning : Visit Camembert Village, and taste our local "raw milk" fantastic cheese : Livarot, Pont L'Evèque and of course the real Camembert.


Lunch  :  Michelin two stars restaurant near Lisieux by an old water mill.


Afternoon : Visit an authentic Calvados producer near Honfleur -- many apple brandy tastings ;o)


Then head off for Honfleur,  the Impressionist village on the  Normandy coast, which influenced painter Eugène Boudin and composer Erik Satie.


Return at around 6 PM.

One Day guided tour from two to seven  people including transfer from Caen, Le Havre, Honfleur, Lisieux, Rouen, Bernay, Bayeux.


-Price upon Request-



The Cultural Normandy

Afternoon : Visit Trouville and Deauville.

In August experience the yearling's auction of Arqana in Deauville, and feel the thrill of a race or of a polo match.

Then let's head for the beautiful village of Beaumont en Auge  and St Pierre Azif on the Cider's Road produced for more than two centuries at the very same place.

Tea-Time : Tea and Madeleine are awaiting you for tea time in Cabourg with Marcel Proust the famous writer.

Return at around 6 PM.

One Day Visit from two to eight people including transfer from Caen, Le Havre, Honfleur,  Lisieux, Rouen, Bernay, Bayeux.


-Price upon Request-

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