I wish to share with you some of my favourite places to feel the "Real" Normandy, not only the Mont St Michel, and the D-Day Beaches.



Looking for a nice place to stay with family and friends 


Great B&B near Deauville



Restaurant Le Moulin du Fossard

St Martin de Bienfaite la cressoniere

Nestled along the Risle river, 15 minutes from Lisieux in an old mill, the "Moulin " is my favorite restaurant of Normandy.

Those who booked a Foodie Tour with me had lunch there.

In Spring, we usually get the outdoor terrace just for ourselves - and the cows looking at us peacefully.

The menu is changed monthly, depending of the season, and Benoit, the chef, attracts the local "lucky few " gourmets.



Le Colomb-Auge.

Beuvron en Auge

Set in the most pittoresque village of the Pays-d'Auge, this lovely "Créperie"  makes some of the best  crepes I have ever eaten, and believe me I am a gourmet.


Brasserie les Mouettes Trouville


Avoid the fuss and hassle of Le Central or Les Vapeurs and come into this friendly and welcoming brasserie.

Kids welcomed. Take a table outside in the terrace in summer.

Great seafood and seafood hot  pot.


Brasserie Paul 


By the Rouen Cathedral, a real and excellent homemade cuisine. The  chief waiter with a slight Italian accent is absolutely dedicated to his job as is the Chef.

I always have lunch there while I am in Rouen.


Cheese and dairy  makers

Jérome and Francoise Spruytte

 St Philbert des Champs

An authentic  Pont- l'Evèque made in the farm for more than 70 years.

Normand Cows from the Spruytte are only  fed with grass and hay all year round, and Francoise, Jérome's wife even massage them at times to have a smoother milk.

Its cheese sells in the best restaurants in France and on markets around Lisieux.


Les Délices de Douville

 Douville en Auge.

A fantastic  yoghurt and cream made only from raw milk from Normand cows. A real treat !



Selected Producers from Normandy.


Wood Barrels for Wine and Calvados near lisieux

A few century old tradition of wood barrels for aging the Calvados and Cider.


Calvados Busnel  Cormeilles.


The Famous Busnel Calvados is worth the visit since it has a very well organized museum of the Calvados, and produces some very good Calvados.



La Baudrière Cidre and Calvados


To me the best apple juice and cider and Calvados of Normandy.

Yes, it is 100% organic and made only from small apples from around the place I live, but it is truly the best. Absolutely no chemistry in these products, just the best from the apple.

Small production, they don't sell outside nearby  villages.


Secluded and remarquable Villages and sightseeing spots worth the route.


St Pierre Azif Village, on the Cider's Road.

Charming and a great view on the seashore.



Putot en Auge, on the Cider's road also.

A Lovely tiny village overlooking the farms and hilly road.


The Bavent Castle.

An impressive castle  privately owned with more than five hundred years history.


Robehomme Village and the Dives to go  trout fishing.

The wood from the forest nearby was used to make William the Conqueror boats.

I guess his crew also went trout fishing back then.



And so many more , the web would be to small to list them . ;o)

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